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How to set a Facebook Engagement Ad--simple way

Facebook Engagement Ad 

Campaign Name: 30% off at Prime University Fall Semester-2019 
Campaign budget Optimization: as usual 
Ad Set name: 18-55 
Age Set Audience: Choose (Custom Audience or Use the saved Audience) 
Location: Bangladesh 
Age set up: 18-55
Gender: All
Language: English
Detail Targeting: 
Demographic, Interest, Behaviors
Make Audience: Student. Diploma Students, Freelance, Graduates 
Save the Audience for use next time Placements (automatic is Recommended) 
Edit Placement--> (you can see how many placed the Facebook placed your ad.) 
Platforms are: 
Feed--> How it show in the mobile Instant 
Article --> When you visit various website, you may see your ad in the website. 
In-Stream--> Your ad may see in the Facebook video 
Instagram--> A Social Media, bought by Facebook, you may see your ad in the Feed of Instagram 
All Mobile Devices-->OK 
Budget and Schedule: Daily and Lifetime 
Optimization ad: 
What is Impression: That means the ad will show in the Wall of the user may 1-5 times until doing an action, like, share, comment 
Frequency Cap: How many times will he see the ad it may vary, in a day or in 7 days…. 
Others options as usual 
Ad Name: (This time Customer cannot see your add only you can see when you want to see the report) 
Format here: you may choose any of them We will start with Single Image We can take image from Facebook free stock(1000:667px) We can see the ad preview 
Text: Show the text on the top of the ad. 
Add Web Address: http://www.masudalireza.com
Note: If we don’t want to show the web address then we can use the option address as well like: www.google.com, that means user will see the www.google.com but if the user clicks on it the URL will directed to your URL. Head Line: (They will show the default headline under the Image, you can customized it) We are the best and unique University in Bangladesh 
News feed link: Rendering the prime knowledge.(it will show under headline in a small letter) 
Add Button: Send Message 
Report Summary: 
          Result: Post Engaged (Means the user may use like, or comment or share the post) 
          Reach: The post is reached their wall. Impressions: The post may reach 1-7 times to the user wall, how many time he see the post that will be the each impressions Result: 
          Post Engaged: (Means the user may use like, or comment or share the post)

By :Md. Masud Ali Reza

Email : reez
Date/time : 27/10/2019

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